brasilYour privacy is very important to us. Our goal is to keep information about you and what you do online as minimum as possible, maintaining the capacity to offer a trustworthy service and avoiding the extra usage of our server.

Everything you publish as public will be considered public and everything you want to keep private will be considered as private.

We collect all provided user information when you login to your account. Once you become registeredyou’ll have two options:

Política de privacidade1. Share everything you produce and publish as public content, open and free, providing unrestricted  access to the content to all registered members of Coolmeia.

2. Share the content you produce or publish only with predetermined groups or members, through private information.

It is our wish that the majority of the content produced and published by you become public in order to reach a great amount of people as possible. We do understand that sometimes strategies towards action and interaction need to be developed first until ripe enough to become public. Therefore, we guarantee the privacy of such information.

We kept records to a minimum

A vast amount of social networks and online service providers keep detailed data about all conections through their network.

At Coolmeia, we do not keep any information that could lead to your identification or that could be used to build a profile about your usage or associations. In order to  solve technical problems or difficulties in our network, we can raise temporarily the needed amount of registry necessary to solve that particular situation. These aditional registries are immediately erased after they have been used.

We shall not share data with anyone else or other parties.

We shall not share any user information with any other parties, groups or particular people unless it has been solicited/accepted when you publish content or become registered in our platform.

On our platform network users have access only to the information needed to complete their share of work.

We shall protect your data.

We shall protect intensively against any atempts made by other parties to force our network to give information about our members, groups or content published.

We shall not keep track of your communications or information Exchange

We shall not read, research or process anything you publish which have not been marked or specified as public, with the exemption of the cases in which protection against spam or viruses are needed or when instructed by you in order to solve issues in the system.